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Diet Science best recomended Health & Fitness apps 2018. This Advice for a balanced diet with easy to understand charts working good for Windows On this page you are able to Download Diet Science For PC Windows 10/7/8/vista nad also mobile phone

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If you are spending too much time in front of a computer and you have something of a sedentary life-style, a good healthy diet might help your general condition and this software may come handy.

If healthy food were as flat and boring as the interface of this program, you would have all the reasons you need to avoid it! The design is unbelievably poor and unfortunately, in the trial version it’s not possible to see the selection of recipes. It is possible though, to calculate your Body Mass Index by entering your height and weight. You may as well have a look at your Metabolic Syndrome by going into more detail, such as the fasting blood glucose, waist circumference and finally entering your blood pressure. The software also gives you some indication about the Vegetarian, Asian, Mediterranean and USDA diets, together with Diet Pyramids and a Glycemic Index of common food items.

This of course should not substitute a visit to your doctor in case of serious diet problems, but it can help you to have an idea of what is a balanced diet and how many calories we should have on a daily basis.

If you need some help to understand how many calories you need, or whether yours is a balanced diet, Diet Science may help but it’s let down by an ugly design.

A scientific understanding of food items is necessary to develop a balanced, healthy diet.Calculators included are:

Body Mass Index Daily calorie requirements by Age and GenderGlycemic Index and Load of 125 common food itemsDaily Glycemic Load calculatorMetabolic SyndromeNutritional Pyramids included are:AsianLatinMediterraneanUSDAVegetarian

Diets included are:AsianUSDA with 7 day sample menusMediterranean with sample menuVegetarian with sample menu

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