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Diner Dash 2 best recomended Adventure apps 2018. This Free Game for Puzzle Fans working good for Windows On this page you are able to Download Diner Dash 2 For PC Windows 10/7/8/vista nad also mobile phone

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Software : Diner Dash 2
Category : Games Adventure
Rating : 8
Reviews : 287
Main Platform : Windows
Avaliable Now : Computer, Laptop, PC
Package : 64, 32 bit
Version : 10/7/8/8.1
Apps Type : Without Ads 3Ds Max Wifi Security Windows Administration Vimeo
Software Id : 17319

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Diner Dash 2 is a fast paced puzzle game that follows the same theme and style as the original offering. The game promises to be just as much fun as the original but with plenty of fresh challenges to complete.

Hungry Mouths to Feed

The basic concept of Diner Dash 2 is pretty simple, which makes it easy for players to get into the game straight away. Players take on the role of a waitress in a busy restaurant who has to make sure that each and every customer gets what they ordered and goes away satisfied. However, this is often a lot more difficult than it sounds, due to the large volume of customers and the fact that many of them are rather impatient. Although pictures of the food and drink that customers order appear above their heads appears as a constant reminder, trying to remember who ordered what first and getting the orders to the table on time can be very tricky at times and customers who are not satisfied will simply walk away.

Becoming the Perfect Waitress

At first glance, Diner Dash 2 is very similar to the original game and some players may be disappointed by the lack of variation. However, the creators have clearly hit on a winning strategy as the game is extremely addictive and even gamers who don’t usually enjoy this time of game are likely to get hooked.

Join Flo as she returns to help four fellow restaurant owners defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big.

By working as fast as ever, Flo helps each of her friends upgrade their restaurants, expand their businesses, and pay their rent, all in the hopes of escaping the wrecking ball and a disastrous Mega Multiplex Food Plaza... forever. Seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food, and collect tips, expert scores earn you more upgrades! New quirky characters, challenges, powerups, and a surprise restaurant await you in this sequel to the original smash hit. Waiting at the end of the game is a surprise for all of Flo's fans, a nice reward for a long day's work.

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All ages, all genders and all you time management games genre lovers! If you are looking for an exciting game that will keep you glued to your computer, that's the one.

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User feedback Diner Dash 2

Amit Kummar 17 July, 2018

Diner Dash 2 is an improved version of the first installment. This second installment has more addicting games and challenges than before. Also, it has become more tricky and difficult to remember who ordered or dined first and serving the foods on time. This is very commendable from graphics, challenges, and plot of the game.

Mario DaSilva 17 July, 2018

I don't usually play this kind of cooking/restaurant game but Diner Dash 2 is different. I discovered this game through my younger cousin when I am trying to help her out to finish a challenge and as I was helping her out I didn't even realize that I was hooked to it that I even forgot to let my cousin play again.

Jing Li 17 July, 2018

Diner Dash 2 is my go-to-game whenever I'm bored or stuck in the traffic. I love that this game has tons of fresh and interesting challenges to complete which make it more fun. My dream is to have my own restaurant in the future and thanks to this game I am fulfilling that.

Baty Elshabh 19 April, 2017

no ia not. dinerdash is very good game for me and for frind play > fantastac

Anonymous 5 November, 2016

Fun and exciting. Great and interesting. This game is really addictive. I would recommend this to everyone Pros: diner decorations power ups Cons: nothing