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Polarr Photo Editor best recomended Photography apps 2018. This Professional Photo Editing Software for Windows 10 working good for iPhone On this page you are able to Download Polarr Photo Editor For PC Windows 10/7/8/vista nad also mobile phone

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Software : Polarr Photo Editor
Category : Multimedia Photography
Rating : 9
Reviews : 11
Main Platform : iPhone
Avaliable Now : Computer, Laptop, PC
Package : 64, 32 bit
Version : 10/7/8/8.1
Apps Type : Internet Shop Online Music Markdown Nfo Inbox
Software Id : 52

Download Polarr Photo Editor PC Apps

Polarr Photo Editor is a powerful tool designed to allow users to easily make stunning image adjustments. This package is flexible in the fact that while it offers many advanced tools, there are also accessories perfectly suited for beginners. Some options include text editing, skin retouching, cropping images and adjusting different layers. Enhanced image rendering techniques likewise offer stunningly clear results.

Tools and Functions

Polarr Photo Editor provides the user with no less than 40 different functions to choose from. A handful of examples include light and colour adjustments, cutting and pasting tools, numerous gradient maps and a fully customisable workstation. Unlike some other mainstream packages, this framework allows the user to work comfortably from a centralised platform that can be modified when desired. Text editing tools are also quite worthwhile for those who may choose to use this package for work-related purposes.

Additional User-Friendly Options

In addition to these powerful options, Polarr Photo Editor is also known for the variety of filters that it provides. This is worth mentioning in more detail, as users can now modify the entire personality of an image with a simple click. While there is also a professional version that must be purchased, even the free variant is amazingly functional.

Advanced, intuitive, and versatile photo editor

Polarr is an advanced, intuitive, and versatile photo editor with MUST-HAVE features.

Make high-level edits with this powerful and elegant tool for advanced photo enthusiasts. Learn new ways to process your photos, or find the tools you already know and love and use them on your mobile device.

This is our new mobile version of the existing and already popular Polarr Photo Editor 2, which is available for free (and highly-rated) online, no download required. Over 300K users have raved about this pro photo editor made for everyone.

Key features:

-Create and save your own style presets.

-Infinite Undo/Redo and History to return to any point in your editing history.

-Radial and Graduated filters makes local adjustments easy.

-HSL channels and Tone Curves help you perfect the colors in your image.

-Split-tone with any colors you choose.

-Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows, Temperature, Distortions, Vignette, etc. All the basic editing features are available, as well as new tools such as chromatic shift.

-Diverse preset collection for any occasion.

-Intuitive touch pad replaces the hassle of opening panels.

-If you choose, you can also make adjustments by tilting your device. Download Polarr Photo Editor