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Full pakcakge: Windows Rating 8 totals 733 votes

Viber best recomended Chat & Instant Messaging apps 2018. This Viber, on your phone and at home working good for Windows On this page you are able to Download Viber For PC Windows 10/7/8/vista nad also mobile phone

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Software : Viber
Category : Social & Communication Chat & Instant Messaging
Rating : 8
Reviews : 733
Main Platform : Windows
Avaliable Now : Computer, Laptop, PC
Package : 64, 32 bit
Version : 10/7/8/8.1
Apps Type : Scs Games Rich Text Editor Supermarket Mania Remove Watermarks Toefl Test
Software Id : 29455

Download Viber PC Apps

The version for Windows 10 of the popular messaging application Viber lets you chat, make calls, send images, and share funny stickers with your contacts. This way you can have it both on your phone and on your home PC.

Chatting and calls, at home and on the go

The first thing you need to know when you download Viber for Windows 10 is that you must have it installed on your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. During the registration process, you'll be prompted to enter your phone number, to which you'll receive a code to activate the app on Windows 10.

At that time, Viber imports your Viber contact list and integrates them into the application. This way you'll be able to see all your friends who use Viber and be able to start communicating with them.

Viber for Windows 10 allows you to chat and make voice calls (no video) with your contacts, as well as send funny stickers and smileys, incorporated into the latest versions for mobile phones.

In text chat, Viber lets you create chat groups of up to 40 contacts. Unfortunately, this version of Viber doesn't support group calls, so you need to do these one by one.

Viber knows how to take advantage of the features of Windows 10 on the level of notifications, dynamic icons and the Dock function.

The notifications work well and can be displayed on the lock screen of your device. The dynamic icon shows you details of your last conversation or call, and if you want you can anchor any contact to Home to have more direct access. And the best part: the Dock feature lets you leave a Viber conversation in a corner of the screen while you use other apps. Nice.

Clean and clear interface, if a little...empty

This version of Viber is very "Windows 10 style," very Modern. It's characterized by a very clean interface, on a white background with purple details. The buttons and elements are large and designed to be used with a touch device. The only thing we would say is that the interface is so clean, it gives the impression of being somewhat souless, almost empty. 

The call quality is striking: in our tests the clarity was excellent

But without a doubt the best of Viber from a user perspective is being able to have it both on the phone and the PC. It's really convenient as it means you can chat with a friend while you're walking home and then continue the conversation in front of your laptop or desktop PC.

Very good, yes, but the same as all the others

Viber for Windows 10 is a comprehensive messaging application, there's no doubt. It's lightweight, pleasing to the eye and works perfectly on all calls. It does the same as all its rivals...which effectively means it's the same as all its rivals. 

Viber doesn't do anything that Skype or LINE doesn't do. In fact, seeing as it doesn't share videos or files and you can't do video calls, then it actually does less than its rivals. Therefore, if you don't use Viber regularly on your phone then there really aren't many reasons to change messaging application.

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User feedback Viber

Anonymous 15 March, 2017

Very good and easy app. good app really easy to use,fun app also. I can now message all my friends without problems. Pros: Calls are good Good quality

Anonymous 20 February, 2016

MEHHHHH. Why doesn't it support video calls for windows 8.1? Why doesn't it support video calls for windows 8.1? Why doesn't it support video calls for windows 8.1? Why doesn't it support video calls for windows 8.1?

Anonymous 19 February, 2015

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